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Set of 4 Fermentation Accessories


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Kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles: many of us love condiments and other pickled veggies, but not everyone has the tools ready to make their own at home! To make fermentation more accessible for those who own Kilner Preserve Jars, Kilner presents their Set of Four Fermentation Accessories! Incorporated in the two fermentation lids are silicone valves that release the gases that build up during fermentation and prevent air from coming back in. Included are two glass weights that keep the food pushed down beneath the water level to make sure everything becomes fermented perfectly. If you are wanting to ferment with your Kilner Preserve Jars, then the Set of Four Fermentation Accessories is the set for you!

Kilner Fermentation Accessories (Set of Four) Features:

  • Two fermentation lids with silicone valves
    • Valves release gases built up during the fermentation process
    • Lids and valves keep air out of the jar during the process
  • Two glass weights to keep the food beneath water level
  • Dishwasher safe; wash all items before first use

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