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Moonglow Jewelry

Figaro Chain Necklace In Gold

Figaro Chain Necklace In Gold

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Moonglow is jewelry featuring a picture of the moon from the date of your choice. Birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, birth of a child -- no matter the moment or milestone, we can match the moon to the occasion. Moonglow shines by day, and actually glows at night after being exposed to direct sunlight.
Visit this link to find your moon phase!

For trendsetters and trailblazers alike – this one’s for you. Chunky and chic, this necklace gets its name from its Figaro style chain that is held together by a ring featuring your Moon pendant. A statement piece that has no trouble being bold on its own or elevating a layered look. Pair it with your other Moonglow favorites for a style that everyone will be envious of. 

Enjoy it in either stainless steel or 14K plated gold. Simply, enter any date into our Moon phase calculator to see how the Moon was shining that day. We’ll take care of the rest – get excited to receive our Signature Moonglow gift box complete with a description of your Moon phase.


- 10mm moon image

- 18" 14k gold plated curb chain (5mm in width)

- Self closing clasp

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