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Sunies Flexi Butterfly Sandal

Sunies Flexi Butterfly Sandal

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Step into the Sunies way of life and enjoy having an elegant pair of beautiful eco friendly sandals. The new collection is inspired to bring women's sandals eco friendly - Flexi Butterfly to the new collection

 The design of Sunies® Flexi has adjustable straps that embrace the feet with heel support, are extremely flexible and absorb the sweat, smells good, and feels good, additionally, they are easy to take on and off. These are the perfect eco-friendly summer shoes. 

 Enjoy your Sunies shoes every day at, any time of the day, and in any Sunies color, you might find most fitting to your lovely summer dresses or outfits.
Completely waterproof, with a textured sole to prevent slips and accidents, not to mention the enjoyable experience and stunning design.

Driven by the idea of loving our planet and animals, Sunies takes the responsibility of promoting sustainability: from developing to production, and lastly to disposal.

Sunies® are made with 77% natural resources that include a recyclable Vinyl Flex.

The innersole was designed to enhance comfort with a unique EVA-Foam.

Have a look at our eco-friendly Sunies Summer Shoes 2021 environmental cycle, which is important to understand our 100% commitment towards the environment and future of the planet. 

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