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The Tooth Brigade

Obi Dog Monster

Obi Dog Monster

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Meet Obi. Obi is a loyal friend who makes losing teeth even more fun! Obi is a soft lovable toy and also the Tooth Fairy's helper. Obi's pocket mouth is perfect to hold teeth, money, prizes, and surprises!

Obi is an 8” tooth pillow - flat enough to fit under a pillow but huggable enough to sleep with every night. Arms, legs, ears, and tails make Obi easy to find and grab. And Obi comes with a lost tooth token for those times that a tooth goes missing (or falls down a sink!)

The Tooth Brigade: fresh, modern Tooth Fairy pillows. Ollie, Blue, and Potato are monsters who hold a lost tooth until The Tooth Fairy arrives. They are flat, plush toys with arms, legs, horns, and ears that make them easy to find in the dark. And their mouths are big enough to fit even larger Tooth Fairy fingers.

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