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Bakers, meet your new best friend: the TruBake Silicone 15" Round Pizza Mat from Tovolo. The non-stick surface reduces the amount of flour needed to roll out the pastry, ultimately helping you retain your original ratios. Printed circumference ruler and accompanying conversion charts make measuring simple. Printed information will not fade. This large mat gives you room to roll out, slice, and shape your dough without dirtying your counters. Generous size provides an easy work surface for kneading, shaping, and cutting dough. Avoid messy countertops by containing the mess to this easy-to-clean non-stick surface. Smooth silicone surface will release dough more easily than porous wooden boards or countertops. The non-stick surface ensures pie crusts, pastry dough, bread dough, and more will release from the surface without leaving sticky residue in your kitchen. The silicone-coated fibers are tough and tear-resistant for a durable baking buddy. In addition to pastry, this mat is great for kneading and shaping bread loaves, rolls, biscuits, buns, cinnamon rolls, donuts, bagels, puff pastry, scones, sliced cookies, and more. Bakers of all skill and experience levels can benefit from the handy guides and smooth surface. Made of silicone.

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