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10" Embossing Rolling Pin Fancy Snow


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The 10" Embossing Rolling Pin Fancy Snow features intricate and quirky pattern of quilted snow arrangement on premium quality rolling pin embossed using 10-inch laser cutting skill. This ornate and decorative design of this rolling pin makes it an ideal giftable kitchen accessory that can also be customized for corporate gifting and family reunions.

Here are the details for use and care:

Care instructions:

  • Prior to first use, apply oil such a wood oil, vegetable, olive, flax etc.
  • clean with stiff bristled brush
  • soap and water when necessary
  • pat thoroughly dry
  • re oil as needed

Rolling instructions:

  • Roll dough out with regular rolling pin to 4 mm.
  • emboss with one roll of medium pressure. If you get dough in your roller, apply less pressure
  • Begin rolling 1 inch from the dough bottom edge to help avoid dough rolling up with the pin
  • Cut away non embossed dough and repeat.

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